Jessica Host

Jessica Host is one of my personal faves. I think of her as my homie from the Bronx and certainly one of New York’s finest. I always have fun whenever she is around. Jessica likes changing her hair color and her boobs. Both have changed multiple times since I first shot her. She has been featured multiple times in both solo and hardcore shoots. So there is a lot of Jessica inside.

115 200x300 Jessica Host 27 200x300 Jessica Host

Sasha Haven

Sasha Haven has become my favorite Brazilian shemale porn star. She’s obviously packing heat, but there is something else about her that gets my heart beating faster. Her 3-way scene in Tgirl Fantasies Vol. 9 is among my favorites and the one I watch the most. I am so jealous of the guy every time I watch that scene. You can see photos and video clips from that scene inside along with her several solo sets. See more at Bobs Tgirls

114 225x300 Sasha Haven 26 225x300 Sasha Haven

Natassia Dreams

Natassia Dreams is a tall sexy, fun loving and horny tgirl. I’m not sure what it is about her. But for some reason, whenever we’re around each other my face is drawn to her ass like a magnet. It usually ends up between her butt cheeks for a minute. It’s not a bad place to be. See more at Bobs Tgirls

113 200x300 Natassia Dreams 25 200x300 Natassia Dreams

Shemale Victoria

Victoria also known as The Legendary Victoria had a very short adult modeling / acting career that lasted about a month. I was the first to shoot her. Then she did 3 videos for Androgeny which can be purchased from my DVD store. After that, her porn career was over. You may also know her as Miriam in “There’s Something About Miriam” You can learn more about that on her page in the site.

112 205x300 Shemale Victoria 24 203x300 Shemale Victoria

Saigon Lee

Saigon Lee and I have been friends for many years. We used to go hiking, meet for lunches and so forth. She was part of a group of girls I referred to as the Dream Team. Other girls on the team include Bob’s Tgirls models: Lilo and Alicia along with Shana who was one of my original Yum models. I had some interesting times hanging out with that bunch. Sai has since exited the transgender scene. She is with her significant other and going to school. I wish her the best.

111 200x300 Saigon Lee 23 200x300 Saigon Lee

Bob’s Tgirls has been completely redesigned and rebuilt

Welcome to Bob’s Tgirls 2.0. For those of you who are new, I call it 2.0 because Bob’s Tgirls has been completely redesigned and rebuilt. For those who have been here before, you’ll hardly recognize the place. I’ve incorporated features that members have asked for including; streaming video, advanced search capabilities, better navigation and more.

Bob’s Tgirls is my vision of what a transsexual website should be. My perspective comes from my being both a fan of beautiful tgirls and a friend to many. As such, I provide a personal touch that you won’t find everywhere else. Along with the photos and videos is personal information about the girls. They provide part of that and I do the rest. The content ranges from glamour to hardcore because I like to present the girls in different ways. The content is all exclusive. I have models from around the world. So please continue the tour then drop me a line after you’ve seen the inside

110 Bobs Tgirls has been completely redesigned and rebuilt

Another Vaniity Featurette

A few weeks ago, Vaniity called me up on a Friday afternoon and said she wanted to go out. She wanted to go to Katana which is a trendy Japanese/sushi restaurant on the Sunset Strip. I told her I had been invited to go to an art exhibit by a friend of mine who had a piece on display. This friend just happens to be a very cute lesbian who loves transsexuals. So it was decided that we would do both.

If you haven’t figured this out already, any outing with Vaniity is liable to turn into a photo feature. If any of you ever get the opportunity to go out with her, make sure you bring a camera. Nuff said on that. So we’re at Katana and immediately she tells me to get out the camera. The first photo was taken by the elevator door. Then a couple in the bar, then more at the table. Of course she got a lot of attention and guys were hitting on her – the usual stuff.

Then we’re off to this little bar on Vine St. to meet Anna. I told her I was bringing a special guest that she’d love. She did. The next day she told me of all the tgirls I could have brought, I brough the perfect one. We took a bunch of pics in there and I even shot a short video clip while V was dancing. At the end of the evening you can see that Vaniity loved Anna too. It was a beautiful sight watching them kiss. Just another woody while out on the town with Vaniity.

18 Another Vaniity Featurette

Vaniity at Bob’s Tgirls

Vaniity has moved in for a few months or so. She wants to write her book and work on some other things and decided she could be more productive here.

She lived here for 2 months when she first moved to LA. She’s a fun person to have around and we enjoy each other’s company.

Last week when I was doing a shoot with another model she jumped into the set while the girl was changing. That sort of thing happens often when she’s around because she loves the camera. Below are a few shots I took that day. None of these pics are anywhere else yet.

17 200x300 Vaniity at Bob’s Tgirls 22 200x300 Vaniity at Bob’s Tgirls

New Internet Virgin Stephanie

Our newest Bob’s Tgirl is Stephanie. She recently started her transition. She has no surgeries yet and is a new arrival from Mexico. You get to see her first on Bob’s Tgirls and follow her through her transition.

16 200x300 New Internet Virgin Stephanie 21 200x300 New Internet Virgin Stephanie

Tara Emory and that Fucking Machine

Tara Emory and that Fucking Machine

15 300x199 Tara Emory and that Fucking Machine

Tara Emory and that Fucking Machine